Data Models

We work on data models (or we can say vocabularies or ontologies) of different domains. You can use them to publish your data as Linked Data in the interoperable way. Here you can find their brief descriptions and links to their documentation.

Public Contracts Ontology

Public Contracts Ontology (PCO) is an ontology for publishing public contracts as Linked Data. It covers basic properties of public contracts, their parts, contracting authorities, suppliers, etc.

Business Register Ontology

Business Register Ontology (BRO) is an ontology for publishing data from a business register. It covers basic properties of organizations which are usually published in business registers. Moreover, it covers people in those organizations and kinds of their relationships to the organizations (i.e. owner, board member, etc.). We have not finalized the ontology yet.

Future Projects

We are starting the development of two other ontologies: Public Budget Ontology (PBO) and Vote Ontology (VO).